Laboratory of 3D Functional Network And Dendritic Imaging

3D two photon imaging and uncaging

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The Laboratory of 3D Functional Network and Dendritic Imaging is a multidisciplinary research group with laboratories at the IEM ELRN (Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Eotvos Lorand Research Network), which is classified as a Center of Excellence by the European Commission, and PPCU (Pazmany Peter Catholic University). Our core belief is that breakthrough research can only be achieved if it is continuously supported by technological advancements, which is why we closely cooperate with innovative R&D companies.


An interesting paper from the Egger lab, co-authored by the head of our laboratory, was published in e-Life: Presynaptic NMDARs cooperate with local spikes toward GABA release from the reciprocal olfactory bulb granule cell spine! (Lage-Rupprecht et al., 2020)

We are glad to share that the head of our laboratory, Dr Rózsa Balázs is a co-author of a breakthrough research on interneurons from the Losonczy lab at Columbia University, Large-Scale 3D Two-Photon Imaging of Molecularly Identified CA1 Interneuron Dynamics in Behaving Mice, which was published in Neuron (Geiller et al., 2020)!

Our colleague, Dr Gergely Szalay has shared his thoughts about the research projects pursued in our laboratories in a podcast by MIÉNK A PÁLYA (in Hungarian). He also talked about the two-photon microscopes developed at our partner companies and about all the ways these developments can bring us closer to breakthrough results.

Take a virtual tour of our chemistry lab, where our research chemists design and develop new caged neurotransmitters for neuroscience research, with a focus on DNI-GLU-TFA! Video courtesy of our talented colleague, Attila Csomos.

Happy to share that an exciting paper, which many of our lab members co-authored, was published in Organic and Biomolechular Chemistry: High efficiency two-photon uncaging coupled by the correction of spontaneous hydrolysis (Pálfi et al, 2018)!

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Research lab at IEM ELRN
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Research lab at PPCU
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Budapest, H-1083
Phone: (+36-1) 886 47 97


Femtonics Ltd.
Tűzoltó street 59.
Budapest, H-1094
Phone/Fax: +36 1 210-3349
RK-Tech Ltd. Kőszál utca 6.
Budapest, H-1163



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