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Oral Presentations



State of Brain, Denver, 2018

FINS, Bordeaux, 2017

FENS Regional Meeting, Pécs, 2017

MCM, Rovinj, Horvátország, 2017 

Neurotalk, Barcelona, 2017

MMT, Siófok, 2017

EUNOS17 13th Meeting of European Neuro-Ophthalmological Society

Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Science  2-5 April 2017 San Diego, California USA   OLS flyer   Web  Invited Speakers

Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop - Institute Pasteur (2016)

SFN, Chichago (2015)

Bordeaux (2015)

SfN, Washington 2014 Advances in multi-neuronal monitoring of activity in the brain (Short Course)

FENS, S22 Symposium: In vivo functional recording of neuronal population activity, Milan, 2014

Practical Course Optical Imaging in Neuroscience, Tübingen, 2014  

IBRO Meeting Debrecen, 2014

MAC 2013, Regensburg, Germany, 2013

Symposium Frontiers in Neurophotonics, Bordeaux, France 2013

EMC, 2013

EMBO Summer School, Berlin, 2013

Fast two-photon imaging with 3D random access, Budapest, MITT, 2013

Fast two-photon imaging with 3D random access, Manchester, EMC Conference, 2012

IBRO Summer School, Lausanne, 2012

Szent-Györgyi Albert Memorial Conference, 2012 Szeged

Dendritic integration in hippocampal interneurons, New 3D imaging technologies (2008) IBRO, Debrecen

3D Microscopes: new ways in brain research and pharmaceutical development. Mindentudás Egyeteme, Alba Nano Center, (2007)

Developments in Microscopy, College of Dunaújváros (2007)

Dendritic integration in hippocampal interneurons IBRO, International Congress of Neuroscience, Melbourne (2007)

Real-time two-photon microscopy for studying active dendritic processes, Conference of Hungarian Society for Microscopy (2007)

Real-time 3D nonlinear microscopy for studying the dendritic integration and the neuronal matrix pharmacology , Conference of Hungarian Neuroscience society (MITT, 2005) 

Two-photon microscopy in space and time: new measuring methods in two-photon microscopy, Conference of Hungarian Society for Microscopy (2004)

 Nonlinear microscopic methods, non-synaptic transmission, Infobionics (2004)

Temporal dependent modulation of backpropagating AP induced Ca2+ transients in hippocampal interneurons, Infobionics (2004)